AgileTest release 1.0.16: Reports for test case management

AgileTest release 1.0.16: Reports for test case management

We are happy to announce that AgileTest has just got a new feature updated in July 2023. In this AgileTest release 1.0.16, we introduce to our users the ability to generate Reports for test case management.

AgileTest release 1.0.16: The new Reports feature

As you may expect from test management for Jira, the Reports feature will offer you a good summary of the results of your test cases. 

1. Test Coverage report

This is the first new feature’s ability. Users can calculate issue coverage and analyze the status of requirements by basing on the results of different scopes.

Additionally, users will also get the overall status report of their test cases, including OK, NOT OK, UNCOVERED, and NOT RUN

2. Test Traceability report

Apart from Test Coverage, this feature provides users with much more detailed reports for Requirements, Test Cases, Test Plans, Test Runs, and Defects.

With it, Jira users can view the slightest details, changes, and updates from the Test case management with the status of each test like PASS, FAIL, and TO DO

Besides, users are enabled to do more with these reports as well. For a more comprehensive understanding, please watch the video below:

Additional bug fixes in AgileTest release 1.0.16

In this new release, we also deploy some minor bug fixes to the app’s UI. Our objective is to bring the best experience to our users while managing their test cases. 

With this new version of AgileTest for Jira, we hope to help users have a better look at your test cases and the bigger picture that you and your team are trying to achieve.

We still have a lot to improve our app, so remember to stay updated with us for more fascinating features.

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