AgileTest New Release: Import / Export Test Cases

AgileTest New Release: Import / Export Test Cases

AgileTest’s latest update, version 1.0.24-AC, marks a significant enhancement in the realm of test management tools. This release comes packed with new features and significant enhancements aimed at optimizing the testing process and improving user experience.


Export/Import Test Cases with CSVs Template 

AgileTest now allows for seamless export and import of test cases, facilitating better data management and collaboration. Streamlining the import process for test cases has never been more straightforward. Utilize our sample CSV templates to ensure all custom test step fields align perfectly with the required format. This approach guarantees a seamless integration of your data into the system.

Import Test Cases
Export Test Cases



Added Test Step Status

The tool has been upgraded to capture detailed test results, enhancing the accuracy of test reporting. 

The status of a Test Execution is typically derived through an automated process that evaluates the recorded statuses of individual test steps. However, there is flexibility to manually assign a definitive status to a Test Run if needed. This deliberate specification of a Test Run status can also implicitly dictate the statuses of its associated steps, ensuring coherence and control in the test management workflow. And this calculation is based on the test status mapped to each reported test step status. 

Added Test Step Status



‘Assignee’ Enabled by Default

This update includes the ability to add an assignee directly in the default custom field, improving task allocation and tracking. From now, “Assignee” can be enabled to be included in test step board.

Enable Assignee as Default



Support Hot Keys in Test Executions

AgileTest introduces hot key support, making test runs more efficient and user-friendly. Users can toggle between each test case within Test Execution feature. 

Hot Key shortcut to Test Run test execution



Link Defects from Other Projects

The tool now supports internal defect links, streamlining defect tracking and management. Users can import other projects’ defects as long as they are from the same instance.

Link Defects From Other Projects



UI-UX Improvements

Test Execution Comment

Users can now smoothly make comments during test executions smoothly for better clarity and communication.

Test Execution Comments Test Runs



Saved States Reloading

AgileTest enhances the user experience by enabling the preservation of both user sessions and UI preferences, ensuring a seamless experience when the page is reloaded. Now, when you reload the site, it will automatically retain your position on the main feature page and preserve your UI preferences, all without the need for additional steps.

Saved State Reloading for user and preferences



Milestone and Sprint Filtering 

This feature allows for more focused and efficient project tracking. Effortlessly refine your data with a simple, intuitive interface that allows you to concentrate on the elements most pertinent to your project. This optimized process enhances the efficiency of data retrieval, ensuring you have quick access to the insights that matter most.

Milestone and Spring Filter


Minor Bug Fixes 

Various small bugs have been addressed to ensure a smoother user experience, including app crashes when changing the defect link type. 



Conclusion: Elevating Your AgileTest Experience

AgileTest’s version 1.0.24 – AC introduces significant enhancements to streamline test management. New features include the ability to export/import test cases and capture detailed test results, improving data management and accuracy in reporting. Major updates enhance efficiency with the inclusion of an assignee field, hot key support in test runs, and internal defect link support. Minor updates focus on user experience, with comments in test runs, saved user states and preferences, milestone and sprint filtering, and minor bug fixes. 

Thank you for choosing AgileTest. We are excited to be a part of your testing journey and look forward to witnessing how these updates elevate your team’s testing efforts. Here’s to a more streamlined, efficient, and user-friendly testing experience with AgileTest!

To learn more about this new release, check out this video

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