Exploratory Test Ad-hoc Test for Jira

Exploratory Testing

Enhance development lifecycle with exploratory testing
Test session management and note taking
Ad-hoc tests
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All you need for Exploratory Test

Exploratory Testing

A powerful technique that can significantly enhance the development lifecycle of software projects.

Test Sessions

Test session management and note taking are critical components of effective exploratory testing.

Ad-hoc Tests

Play a crucial role in facilitating more rapid release cycles and continuous delivery in software development

Enhance development lifecycle with exploratory testing

Adapts to Real Life Defects
No Need Detailed Plans, Only Detailed Testing
Efficient Testing Updates and Patches
Test Immediately

Real-Time Test Status Update

Keep track of Real-Time Data
Easy Status Chart for Team Collaboration
Fast Monitoring for Testers, Developers and Project Managers
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Ad-hoc tests for rapid release cycles & smooth continuous delivery

Quickly Validates Tests before Release
Flexible Testing with Flexible Approach
Customizable Data Display
Faster Deliver

We Provide a methodology of software testing

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