Test case management & Reports

Full-Scale Test Management
Comprehensive Report
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Comprehensive Test Case Management

Full-Scale Test Management

Includes Requirements, Preconditions, Test Plans, Test Cases, and Test Executions

Preconditions for Different Test Cases

A specific set of conditions that needs to be established before executing a test case.

Comprehensive Reports

Provides teams with the information they need to understand the results of their tests

A comprehensive platform for managing tests & reports

Fully manage your test cases and activities
Test Cases, Test Plans, Test Executions as Jira Issues
For Big and Well-planned projects
Manage Test Cases

Precondition settings for test cases

Define the initial state required for the test case
Produce accurate and reliable results
Ensure testing the system in the desired state
Set Preconditions

Comprehensive reports

Detailed test results
Detailed test plan report
Test coverage and traceability reports
Generate Reports

For all testing strategies & QA teams

The tool is well-designed, user-friendly, and packed with features that make it an excellent choice for a wide range of testing scenarios.

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