Custom Dashboard AgileTest

Custom Dashboard

Personalize projects with built-in charts
Real-time data reports with streamlined visualization
Analyze and monitor relevant data
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Built-in Charts

Easily customize, resize and manage projects with built-in charts


Efficiently display all data visualizations all in one place

Data Analyzer

Calculate and track relevant data for fast issue tracking

Customizable Built-in Charts for in-depth analysis

Allow instant visualization of data, all integrated within 1 screen
Selective requirements to display with filters
Simple and interactive elements
Test Traceability

Data Visualization

Comprehensive overview of calculated key metrics
Real-time update with user-friendly visual elements
Accommodates multiple visual styles for diverse analytical needs
Test Coverage

For all testing strategies & QA teams

The tool is well-designed, user-friendly, and packed with features that make it an excellent choice for a wide range of testing scenarios.

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We Provide a methodology of software testing

Excellent App, very useful. Best thing about the app is easy to use and good insights of the work. Support for this app is also good.

Vakkanti Kumar
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