AgileTest New Release 1.0.22: First Public APIs

AgileTest New Release 1.0.22: First Public APIs

We are thrilled to announce the release of AgileTest version 1.0.22-AC, building upon the success of our previous update. Building upon the success of our previous updates, this new version introduces several major features. Furthermore, these enhancements are designed to improve the efficiency and user experience of your project management.


Public APIs Exposure

Expose public APIs

Expanding the versatility of AgileTest, we have exposed some of our public APIs. This enhancement enables better integration with other tools and systems, allowing for more flexibility and customization in how you use AgileTest within your broader technology ecosystem.

Now, you can create milestones, preconditions, test cases, test environments, test executions, test plans, and test steps directly through APIs. This advancement allows for seamless integration and automation of testing processes, significantly reducing manual effort and enhancing efficiency. Embrace this new capability to streamline your testing workflow and achieve faster, more accurate results.


Drag-Drop Functionality for Reordering Preconditions

Drag & Drop Condition

Additionally, in this update, we have introduced an intuitive drag-and-drop functionality for reordering preconditions, and test cases. This feature allows you to quickly organize and prioritize your preconditions, test cases in a way that aligns with your testing flow, ensuring a more efficient and logical sequence of testing logic.


Improved Test Session & Test Script UI

Improve Test Session and Test Script UI

Furthermore, we have overhauled the user interface for both Test Sessions and Test Scripts. The new design is more user-friendly, allowing for easier navigation and a smoother experience. And this improvement ensures that you can manage your tests more efficiently, with all the necessary information presented in a clear and accessible manner.


Sort Milestone

Sort Milestone

Organizing and tracking milestones is now more streamlined with the new Sort Milestone feature. You can easily arrange milestones in a manner that best fits your project timeline and priorities, helping to keep your team on track and focused on key objectives.


Clone Test Case Including Test Steps

Clone test case including test steps

This functionality streamlines the process of replicating test scenarios, especially in complex testing environments. With this feature, you can quickly duplicate a test case, retaining all its steps and settings, thereby saving time and ensuring consistency in test execution. This is particularly useful for similar or repetitive test scenarios, allowing for more efficient and organized test management.


Minor Improvements

Support Manual Mapping of Issue Types for Company-Managed Projects

Company-Managed Projects Manual Issue Types Mapping

On top of these major updates, we have implemented additional support features. Specifically, this includes the manual mapping of issue types for company-managed projects, extending the capability beyond just team-managed projects.


Minor Bug Fixes

As always, we have addressed several minor bugs to ensure a smoother, more reliable experience.


Conclusion: Elevating Your AgileTest Experience

With the launch of AgileTest version 1.0.22-AC, we reaffirm our dedication to offering you an unparalleled and customizable testing experience. This update is not just about introducing new features; it is about empowering you to shape AgileTest to fit perfectly within your project’s unique ecosystem, enhancing both your workflow and overall efficiency.

Every new addition, from the drag-and-drop functionality for reordering preconditions to the improved UI for Test Sessions and Test Scripts, has been crafted with your needs in mind. The exposure of public APIs opens new avenues for integration, while the enhanced milestone sorting and the ability to close test cases including test steps streamline your testing process.

Moreover, the minor improvements, including the support for manual mapping of issue types in company-managed projects and various bug fixes, are testaments to our ongoing commitment to making AgileTest the most user-friendly and effective test management tool on the market.

Thank you for choosing AgileTest. We are excited to be a part of your testing journey and look forward to witnessing how these updates elevate your team’s testing efforts. Here’s to a more streamlined, efficient, and user-friendly testing experience with AgileTest!


To learn more about this new release, check out this video

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