AgileTest 1.0.12 release notes

AgileTest 1.0.12 release notes

We proudly introduce a new feature coming to AgileTest 1.0.12 release – Test Management. With this feature, we hope to bring a new experience to our Jira users and support them in their work. 

As you may tell from the name, it is a feature that helps you and your team cover every aspect of the testing process, including Requirements, Preconditions, Tests or Test Cases, Test Plans, and Test Executions

What is Test management from AgileTest?

With these abilities, AgileTest provides a comprehensive platform for managing tests and reporting within the Jira ecosystem.


They are considered the foundation for these tests. From these requirements, managers can develop test plans and create (or import) test cases accordingly. 

The final goal is that all the tests can fully cover every requirement.


Preconditions refer to specific sets of conditions that need to be satisfied FIRST before executing the test case. Additionally, they ensure testing the system or application in the desired state and meets the necessary prerequisites for the test.

One good example of preconditions is that you need to have an authorized account to test the login feature.

Test plans

It is a crucial phase in the software testing process. It involves creating a comprehensive strategy and approach for conducting testing activities.

Moreover, Test planning encompasses the identification of test objectives, the definition of test scope, the allocation of resources, the determination of test techniques and methodologies, and the establishment of a timeline for the testing effort.

Tests or Test cases

A test case is a documented set of conditions or steps that define the inputs, actions, and expected results for testing a specific aspect of a software application.

In other words, we create test cases to verify the functionality, performance, or other quality attributes of the software.

Test executions

It refers to the process of running test cases and assessing the actual behavior of the software or system being tested. Besides, Test executions also involve the step-by-step execution of predefined test cases, capturing the results, and comparing them against the expected outcomes.

Moreover, the main purpose of test execution is to verify whether the software or system functions correctly, meets the specified requirements, and behaves as intended.


In this AgileTest 1.0.12 release, we want to provide an integrated testing solution leveraging the Jira capabilities. It is also a popular project management and issue-tracking tool.

With it, Jira users can have a seamless flow for test processes and bring out the best results possible.

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