Break Down Language Barriers for Testing: AgileTest July 2024 Release

Break Down Language Barriers for Testing: AgileTest July 2024 Release

Forget the old cases, let’s test in your own language! In this July 2024 release, users of AgileTest can now customize languages when it comes to AI-generated Test Cases and Test Steps!

This July, 2024 release introduces a groundbreaking feature: the ability to customize AI-generated test cases in your preferred language, making testing accessible to everyone, regardless of their native tongue. Alongside this key innovation, we have also included a suite of enhancements designed to boost efficiency and enhance the overall user experience.

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Custom Languages for AI-Generated Test Cases/Test Steps

Custom Language for AI Generator for Tests and Test Steps

Firstly, this release introduces custom languages for AI-generated test cases and test steps, making testing more accessible to everyone. As a result, users can now customize these test cases in their preferred language, breaking down language barriers and facilitating smoother collaboration among global teams.

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New “Test Script” Gadget in Dashboard

Test Script Gadget for DashboardThe new “Test Script” gadget on the dashboard significantly enhances project managers’ and QA teams’ workflows. It allows them to manage and view test scripts directly, enabling the effortless generation and export of comprehensive reports. Furthermore, it provides quick status checks of active test runs and offers seamless access to detailed inline reports, making it an invaluable tool for efficient project oversight and quality assurance.

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Update “Delete Precondition” Permission

Update "Delete Precondition" PermissionThirdly, to enhance control, the “Delete Precondition” permission settings have been updated. Now, Jira admins, project admins, and the creator can all delete preconditions, providing greater flexibility and thus ensuring secure test environment management.

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Improved Text Editor

Improve Text EditorFinally, AgileTest has revamped its text editor, providing a smoother, faster, and more intuitive text editing experience. The enhanced formatting options and improved performance make writing and managing test cases, steps, and documentation easier. Moreover, the streamlined interface fosters efficient communication and collaboration among testers, developers, and other team members.

Minor Bug Fixes

In addition to these new features, the release includes several minor bug fixes based on user feedback, further enhancing the overall user experience and in-app stability.



These significant improvements are a testament to AgileTest’s commitment to providing a seamless and reliable testing experience. We invite you to explore these new features and witness firsthand their transformative impact on your testing workflow. Happy testing!

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