AgileTest May 2024: New Test Types for Diverse Testing

AgileTest May 2024: New Test Types for Diverse Testing

We are excited to announce the release of AgileTest version 1.1.0-AC, our biggest release yet! This update is packed with new features and improvements designed to make your testing journey even smoother and more efficient.

New Test Types for Tests/Preconditions

AgileTest now supports different test types, including Steps, Unstructured, and Gherkin. This allows you to create and assign specific test types to your test cases and preconditions, making it easier to organize and manage your tests.

New Test Types for testers

New Project Configuration UI

The new Project Configuration interface provides a simplified and user-friendly experience for new users. It offers a clear understanding of AgileTest’s features and functionalities, making setup and configuration more intuitive.

New Project Configuration UI

Disable the AI Feature Option

While many enjoy serving hundreds of test cases and steps with a single click, we understand your concerns about team members mis-generating tests. You now have the option to turn off our AI feature within the Jira settings.

Disable AI Option

Jira Gadgets Integration

AgileTest’s built-in charts can now be used as Widgets within the Jira Dashboard. This allows you to track key testing metrics, such as test runs, test cases, defects, and requirements, directly on your Jira dashboard for a consolidated view.

4. Jira Gadgets Integration - AgileTest Jira

Manage Step Level Defects on Test Execution

Enhance your test case runs with the ability to add defects, evidence, and comments at the individual test step level during test execution.

Manage Defects on Execution

Edit Summary in Test Dialog

AgileTest users can edit summaries directly in any Test Dialog, without switching to the Jira issue board.

Summary Edit in Test Dialog

Besides new features, we have

Test Run Report

The test run report now includes informative footers that display each test case’s issue key, providing additional details and traceability.

Test Run Report

Add Dates to Completed Milestones

Track your completed milestones with both start and completion dates for better project visibility.

Add dates to completed milestone

Export Test Cases with Issue Keys

Issue keys are now included when exporting test cases, ensuring they are part of your testing reports.

 Export test case with issue keys

Allow Comment’s Editor Toolbar on Test Scripts

The editor toolbar is now available within Test Scripts, enabling easy formatting and editing of comments.

 Editor Toolbar for comments

Non-Grouped Button for Preconditions

Users can now hide all grouped preconditions (not in folders) to declutter the interface and focus on specific test cases based on project preferences.

Non-Grouped Button for Preconditions


The AgileTest 1.1.0 release is a significant update that delivers a wide range of new features and improvements to enhance your testing experience. With increased flexibility, better organization, and improved tracking capabilities, AgileTest 1.1.0 empowers your team to conduct more efficient and effective testing. We encourage you to explore the new features and experience the latest advancements in AgileTest.

For more information about agile testing, check out more videos from the AgileTest Academy series.

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